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Terms of Contract

This Agreement shall be effective commencing the first point of contact between Suck It Up Furnace Cleaning, and the client and shall continue until terminated at the completion of the service or by either party as otherwise provided herein.


Best Effort of the Company

Suck It Up Furnace Cleaning (the company), agrees to faithfully, industriously, and to the best of its ability, experience, and training, perform all the services requested by the client and to the best of its ability prevent and guide against any damage of property pursuant to the express and implicit terms of this Contract to the reasonable satisfaction of the client.


Obligations of the Client

Client hereby agrees:

· to grant necessary access to the inside of the house/offices/facility during business hours or any other mutually agreed upon time.

· to put the absolute safety of their children, others in the home and the pet(s) first before all other responsibilities

· to move anything that is or could be covering the furnace vents

· to move and reasonably protect any valuable or breakable items that are in any path needed to complete the service

· to disclose any situations that may hinder the company from completing the service to full satisfaction (no access to certain vents, damages within the home or previous problems with the furnace/ducts, etc.)

· to provide every other support, as maybe needed by the Company, for the success of the service

· Others: schedule changes, appointment cancelation requirements, mother nature challenges and any other situation that may cause us to delay or cancel your appointment.



Suck It Up Furnace Cleaning shall be entitled to compensation for performing those tasks and duties related to the Scope of Work as follows.

a. Current and most recent pricing posted or advertised by the company.

b. Other fees include:

Mobilization/Travel charges

No charge within Calgary, Airdrie, Chestemere or Strathmore

$30 – Carstairs, Cochrane

Beyond - $40+ Please confirm pricing with us if you are out of these areas.



Get 2 or more of your neighbours to book on the same day and your travel fee will be waived. 3 or more and discounts for everyone!


Other Charges

Weekend charges - $50.00 (when available)

Nest/Pest Removal – $30.00 - $150.00 - depending on service specifics.


Roof Top Dryer Vents - $200.00 - Roof top dryer vent cleaning is NOT included in any furnace package. The dryer vent cleaning preformed with the furnace cleaning package is done from behind the dryer and/or the main level of the home, depending on the length of the vent. To book ROOF TOP dryer vent cleaning please contact us.


Such compensation shall become due and payable to Suck It Up Furnace Cleaning immediately upon completion of the service.


All estimate prices are subject to change. All sale prices are subject to change. Sale prices will only be honoured if booked within the sale date.


Payment can be made by Debit, Credit or EMT via online invoice or by calling the office 403.835.6028.



This agreement may be terminated prior to the completion of service by either party giving 48 BUSINESS HOURS of either written or verbalized notice to one of the following:

Emailing :

Calling or texting : 403-835-6028

Unless terminated upon the completion of the project or 48 hours prior to the service appointment, any other prior termination shall attract a $25 cancelation fee, in addition to a $25 administration fee, as remedy in which the Company is entitled under this Agreement. Payment due immediately upon cancelation.



Except to the extent the same is caused solely by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Company, its authorized agents or employees, client shall indemnify, defend (by counsel reasonable and acceptable to the Company), protect and hold the company and its officers, employee, contractors, sub-contractors and agents, free and harmless from and against any claim or actions, cause of action, liabilities, penalties, forfeiture or damages, loss and expenses whatsoever (including without limitation or attorney fee, expenses and cost during negotiation, through litigation and all appeal therefrom) pertaining to the death of or injury to any person/pet or damages to any property (both real and personal) arising or resulting from (a.) the presence of Client's children, pets, unit(s) of Equipment, employees, contractors or agents within the working premises; (b) the installation, operation, maintenance or removal of the Client's unit(s) of property from the working premises; (c) any inherent defects in the Client's unit(s) of property. (d.) the breach by the client of his/her obligations in this agreement (e.) the negligent act, errors, or omission or intentional or willful misconduct of the client, its employee, occupants, agents, representatives, and invitees.


Warranty and Liability

Company warrants that its undertakings hereunder shall be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner and that the Company will provide Support Services in accordance with this contract.


Client warrants that they have the unrestricted right to place any property within the facility, either near or far from the working vicinity of the Company employees.

Except as otherwise set forth herein, neither Party shall be deemed negligent, at fault or liable in any respect to the other for any delay, interruption or failure in performance hereunder resulting from fire, flood, water, the elements, explosions, acts of God, war, accidents, labor disputes, strikes, shortages of equipment or suppliers, unavailability of transportation or other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Party delayed or prevented from performing.


Choice of Law

The parties will construe this agreement in accordance with the laws of the province of Alberta, Canada.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date the service agreement is booked.

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